The previous recommended route was more up-and-down, while in northwest Yanqing District there was a route that bothered a lot of people, where you couldn't get the speed up, but there was no obvious climb This is the famous big Haituo to Yan Jiaping. In addition to the nearly 10 km part of the provincial road is not exciting, the other sections of the beautiful scenery, especially Yanjiaping to the Pine Hill section of the slope, visual, "Halo" both right!

  • Datai Tuo, Pine Hill scenic area (Yanqing District, Chicheng County, Hebei)






  • Reference Cycling Route

    Old County town -- Baihebao -- S353 back town -- S241 carving town -- Y082 Haituo village -- Yan Jiaping -- Pine Hill scenic area


  • Height Info


  • Distance and time

    Yanqing District North Old County town to Chicheng, Da Hai Tuo Circle, the whole journey of about 140 km, can be completed on the same day.

  • Along the way

    * Houcheng: the Dishuiya Grottoes, the ancient Great Wall and the Qianfo temple are all tourist attractions outside Houcheng, and the famous Danxia landform has attracted many tourists.

    * Dahaituo Nature Reserve: Cycling to Dahaituo, a typical mountain forest system with rich vegetation and natural ecological diversity. The Creek is crystal clear, the gravel is everywhere, stop for a breath of high-concentration oxygen!

  • Tips

    Dog! WATCH OUT FOR THE DOG! There are police dogs and farm dogs at checkpoints on the road to Chicheng County and on the road to Datuo. Take off your cool glasses early so you don't Spook the dog!

    Yan Jiaping slope increased, pay attention to control the speed!

    Big Haituo to Yan Jiaping village canteen may not open on weekends (may be playing Mahjong to go) , pay attention to advance water, or to the villagers home drinking water.

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