If you still haven't finished circling the Miyun Reservoir, then you can choose a big circle route to ride. The recommended route is a 150-kilometer loop at a relatively low altitude. But this section of the cycling route is relatively quiet many, walking through the Green Mountains and forests, will be a bicycle against an ancient castle rest for a while, is also a human beauty.

  • Gubeikou, Baimaguan Fort (Miyun District)






  • Reference Cycling Route

    Miyun District --- S311 --- Houtai Road X001 --- Qizhaigou X002 --- X015 --- Fengjiayu X008 -- S310 --- White River Bridge --- S205 --- Miyun District


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  • Distance and time

    Yanqing District, north-east to north-west big circle, the entire distance of about 165 km, can be completed on the same day. It can be done in two days with ease. Gubeikou will stay overnight.

  • Along the way

    * Gubeikou: Most Gubeikou history books believe that it originated in the Ming Dynasty and served as an important pass for the capital city of the Ming Dynasty. The GUBEIKOU Great Wall, facing the northwest Juyongguan from east to west, formed an important gateway for the capital to travel to Mongolia The ancient towns, temples and Simatai located around Gubeikou are the best places to show the ancient customs of the pass. (county road 002 to Beidianzi Xiaoqiao Take G101 national road 8 km to the north. Return to take the Guxia line to Xidianzi village X015)

    * Baimaguan Fort Castle: Built during the reign of Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, it was also the fortress of the capital of the Ming Dynasty. Castle is not big, only 400 meters in circumference, in addition to the south gate more complete, the rest of the city walls have been broken. But what's even more fascinating is that there are so many ancient great walls around, there are so many outdoor hikers. (cross the Xituogu tunnel to X008 and go north, 4 km along the Baima Guan River.)

  • Tips

    The commercialization of tourism in Gubeikou is more serious, and consumption should be cautious.

    The Ancient Great Wall near Baimaguan Fort is the Wild Great Wall. Those who have no outdoor experience should try not to climb it

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